So, and you’ll think this is totally weird, but a few of our mutual friends & I have been talking about you, the kind of movies you like to watch, and the kind of movie outings that you find the most intriguing. We really want to ask you a question - can we guess which movies playing near me you’ll love?

Yes, that sounds a bit weird, but hear me out. Really, what we want to do is play a game where our friends and I huddle up for a bit & try to figure out which movies that are playing at the closest movie theater near me (since we’re here at my place) are ones that you’ll actually find awesome. Part of the reason is that we love you, and we really want the best for you. Every time you come to us with a new movie critique, we’re on the edge of our seats wondering if you actually liked it & whether it’s worth it for any of us to check it out. Also, and full disclosure, we’re hoping that if we can figure out which movies on this side of town you’d watch, maybe you’ll come over more often.

We admit that it is a weird way of asking you to come out and hang with us on a much more regular basis, but it’s our quirkiness that made our little motley crew such good friends in the first place, right? So, like I mentioned, we thought about it, and we think we’ve come up with some movie choices that you’re surely going to love.

Here they are, and of course, they are in no particular order:

Ready Player One - Virtual reality, society in chaos looking for order in a VR sim, a nostalgic journey through fandom culture by one of the greatest directors of all-time? I know you read, and loved, the book, so why not check out the movie?

Best Movies - So, we’ve seen this one a few times, and even though there are a number of socially relevant elements to this film, it’s also just a really fantastic movie that stands head and shoulders above many other superhero movies.

A Quiet Place - Scary movies are really great fun, even if they mess with your head. This one packs a real punch with the suspense, is already being seen as a modern classic, and nothing is better than a scary movie on the big screen.

Rampage - CGI, a muscle-bound hero main character, and a heartfelt story to go along with it? This movie has it all, and it’ll remind you of a certain old-school classic ape movie from the golden age of Hollywood.