No one wants to hear the bad news that their cholesterol level is two elevated. For those that are evenly slightly up to speed on the implications of cholesterol health related issues, the question often running through one’s mind; how long will it take to reduce my LDL?

The question of how long does it take to lower cholesterol is really complicated by several factors. First of all, your general condition of health plays a role. Assuming you are in reasonable health and not suffering from a previous issue that would inhibit you from making a few life style changes, you should see results in as little as six weeks.

What do I have to do to reduce my total cholesterol?

For the sake of example, I will use my own experience as a reference point. I recently had my follow- up with my doctor. About six weeks prior, I asked the same question about how long does it take to lower cholesterol.

For me, my concern was the possibility of coronary heart disease. It’s essential that I keep my cholesterol at a manageable level. In addition, I have to lower my cholesterol through natural methods; due to the fact my liver has no tolerance for statin drugs.

Here are the steps I recommend to lower cholesterol

It’s no more than a three- step process. First, is the diet I consume. Because my total cholesterol had reached a total of 218 mg/dl, and even more importantly, my LDL or bad cholesterol was up to 154 mg/dl, I kicked my new regimen into high gear.

First of all, I was determined to better control my diet. Now, choleslo ’ve always been pretty good at not eating too much of the bad stuff. Not good enough though. So, I upped my intake of Omega 3. Omega 3 is the essential fatty acid that attacks LDL cholesterol by boosting your HDL or good cholesterol.

The unsaturated fats found in things like green vegetables, oats and oat meal, nuts and fresh fruit all provide a great source of this Omega 3. In addition, if you are looking for the best omega 3, it’s found in cold water fish. Fortunately, I like salmon, haddock, and other non fishy tasting fish.

Since I’m not willing to eat fish five times a week though, I compensate by getting the best omega 3 with fish oil capsules. Because of the powerful fatty acids, DHA and EPA, the best omega 3 with the highest levels of these fatty acids is found in fish and the oil within the fish.

What else do I need?

Along with a healthy diet with the best omega 3 and less saturated fat of the type found in fired foods and animal fat, some daily exercise is highly recommended. Anything that gets the heart rate up is considered cardio exercise, provided you do at least twenty to thirty minutes per day.

I’ve made this happen by walking my dog for about a mile and a half each day. I actually feel better after walking and have lost six pounds in six weeks.

So, how long does it take to lower cholesterol? Here are my numbers. My total cholesterol has come down to 198 mg/dl from 218 mg/dl. LDL dropped from 154 mg/dl to 126 mg/dl, and my good cholesterol was boosted five points from 35mg/dl to 40mg/dl. My goal is to get the LDL below 99 mg/dl as soon as possible.


Now that you know the facts, you too can answer the question, “how long does it take to lower cholesterol”? Now I am more motivated than ever to continue and lower my cholesterol further, and you can too! Take action, and here’s to your good health.